Lovely and Dangerous

I’m on day three of the Alice Diet (tea and milk) and after I put some milk in my tea I forgot the rest of the 250ml carton on the counter when I left for the bus stop. UGHHHHH, this fucks things up, I fucking hate this. I’m also not going to be home again today so I won’t be able to finish the carton. I’ll probably have less calories overall today but it still messes up my plan. I’ve been awfully forgetful and have been zoning out a lot since I began this diet and I’ve only started day three.

Losing weight is the best feeling in the world, Iā€™m addicted to it.
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look like thor

I would buy this man dinner

I swear this guy looks like Brendan Frasier from George of the Jungle. šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘